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While coming across web development, one question that arises in mind is whether to choose freelancers or professional companies. When you have a project idea with you it is very difficult to make decision on whom should you trust, a freelancer or a professional company. What is the better choice?
Professional companies consists of team of various passionate designers, developers, managers and offers professional services to clients whereas a freelancer is a person who has a specific skills set. He/she is a contractor or is self employed or works from home. If your business needs online presence, a website is required. Therefore, professional companies having qualified designers can help you with best services than a freelancer. A professional team follows various latest strategies and technologies for developing your website. But this totally depends on your budget. Freelancers can work quick and at cheaper rates but there are less chances of fixing all your issues and this can impact on the quality of the delivered work. But a professional company can provide you with many options and solutions on your issues. They carry out agile process.

A web development company is very alert and picky while choosing their employees. 3 professional designers are efficient than a freelancer. Also companies carry out testing and check for the quality of the desired product or services. They provide a standard set of quality development services whereas freelances mostly depend on free resources and comprising various things.

As companies use agile process, they maintain professionalism by undertaking various meetings. The teams discuss various phases and work accordingly. This helps project to have different viewpoints as many people are involved into project development. Whereas the freelancers works independently and do not have different viewpoints. This makes the project less adaptive and is made as per one’s mindset.

Lastly, when it comes to trust, efficiency and reliability, a professional company has long term goals and works hard for their reputation. Freelancers have a temporary goal and they take freelance work as a side job. Yes, freelancers work hard but if you require a complete package with strict guidelines, a professional company would be a better option. 

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