Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Mobile application development: Android Vs IOS

Mobile phones are the integral part of the human life as it initiates free flow of communication between people easily. Apart from the communication, it also assists people with several day-to-day issues using the mobile applications that has made people reliant on them. As the easy internet access has attracted people all over the world, everyone is dependent on the mobile apps for their business growth. But, the hottest debate that engages people is the comparison of Android and iOS platform. Every loyal user of the respective platform tries to argue about the advantages that makes it superior over the other. Though both use different software toolkits, different programming languages, and diverse development platform, the comparison lingers.

Comparison of Android Vs. iOS

The comparison of Android and iOS will shed light into the positive and negatives of the respective platforms. But, it is also important to know the targeted audience to determine the right platform for the mobile application development. The table below gives the glimpse of the difference between the platforms.



The Android has a larger market as it is used widely in Asia, Africa, and South America
Countries like USA, Europe, and Australia use the iOS platform widely.  


The Android platform is open that attracts the malwares and cyber-attacks from outside.
The safety features of the iOS is strong that will prevent the personal data of the users from getting leaked.  


It is easy for the app developer to make changes in the app easily in the Android platform.
The iOS platform takes a longer time to update its application changes (around two weeks).  

Interaction with Users

The Android platform does not engage the users effectively.
The iOS platform is well-designed that will attract the users to spend more time and make it engaging.  

Development Process
The development of application on the Android platform follows simple steps.
The iOS follows stricter guidelines that the developer needs to follow precisely.  

Development Cost
The cost of developing an application of the Android platform is expensive.
The development of application cost less than the Android Platform. (30% less)  


The revenue is less for Android applications.
The iOS applications rule the market as they make more revenue compared to the competitors.  

Size of the App

The mobile app developers can develop a smaller app (average 6 MB) with Android platform.
The app developed on the iOS has a larger size (average 23MB).

Ultimately it depends on the user requirements that will make the difference while developing the mobile application. The application must satisfy the requirements of the user precisely. The primary concern of the app developer is that it must fulfill its purpose accurately that will make the customer feel satisfied.

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