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While coming across web development, one question that arises in mind is whether to choose freelancers or professional companies. When you have a project idea with you it is very difficult to make decision on whom should you trust, a freelancer or a professional company. What is the better choice?
Professional companies consists of team of various passionate designers, developers, managers and offers professional services to clients whereas a freelancer is a person who has a specific skills set. He/she is a contractor or is self employed or works from home. If your business needs online presence, a website is required. Therefore, professional companies having qualified designers can help you with best services than a freelancer. A professional team follows various latest strategies and technologies for developing your website. But this totally depends on your budget. Freelancers can work quick and at cheaper rates but there are less chances of fixing all your issues and this can impact on the quality of the delivered work. But a professional company can provide you with many options and solutions on your issues. They carry out agile process.

A web development company is very alert and picky while choosing their employees. 3 professional designers are efficient than a freelancer. Also companies carry out testing and check for the quality of the desired product or services. They provide a standard set of quality development services whereas freelances mostly depend on free resources and comprising various things.

As companies use agile process, they maintain professionalism by undertaking various meetings. The teams discuss various phases and work accordingly. This helps project to have different viewpoints as many people are involved into project development. Whereas the freelancers works independently and do not have different viewpoints. This makes the project less adaptive and is made as per one’s mindset.

Lastly, when it comes to trust, efficiency and reliability, a professional company has long term goals and works hard for their reputation. Freelancers have a temporary goal and they take freelance work as a side job. Yes, freelancers work hard but if you require a complete package with strict guidelines, a professional company would be a better option. 

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Business Automation: Need for IT solutions to manage our business

Business Automation: Need for IT solutions to manage our business

Business Automation is the technology-enabled automation of various complex and redundant activities of any business in order to simplify and streamline it. Business processes which include daily company activities, human resource, sales, management, supply chain, order processing, etc are the most crucial aspects of any organisation. These processes forms the basis of daily activities being carried out in an organisation. In order to streamline & simplify it, we need the help of various IT solutions which will help in managing these processes in a more optimized and effective manner.

There are many reasons & benefits why each business needs IT solutions to automatize its processes:

·         By automating your business using IT solutions you gain more control over your processes saving time of both the employees & management. It increases efficiency as everything is real time and it helps managers to change strategies if any mishap happens like delay in project or a cancelled consignment.
·         Your communications are streamlined. Using emails or sticky notes have become older. An automated workflow helps both the manager and team to streamline things. It offers visual dashboards to see what's going in real time and what the progress status on an activity. All communication is recorded and can be tracked for increased efficiency of a process.
·         Everyone in the company is more accountable. When you automate your business process using IT solutions you create ownership at every level of the process. Each stage is processed by approval of the level owner, thus enabling transparency in the process. It also enable you to monitor your entire process and makes you analyze which tasks eats up more time so you can fix them for better performance.
·         IT solutions help you to automatize your business helping you save cost and also avoid manual errors.
·         Helps you better serve your clients/customers by increasing efficiency. Less error in the process means more customer satisfaction. IT solutions like having an ecommerce website for your products increases your brand reach. IT solutions like having a company blog helps your customers get the latest news and happenings about your company.

IT solutions are the need of the day, it is become more of a necessity if you want your business to thrive and stay alive in this competitive world. Automatizing the business can help save you lots of time and efforts increasing throughput which will help your business grow rapidly.

Sunday, 9 July 2017

Why should small business have a website?

We live in a fast moving world where every business is getting digitalized and coming over the internet. No business whether big or small would like to be left behind in this rapid growth age of digitization. If you have a business and you want to grow your brand you will need to have a website. Many people have a misconception that small business does not need a website due to their less tech-savvy nature or maybe their potential customers do not use the internet. Some even think their business type is not meant to be on the internet or maybe they do not have enough budgets to get a website developed or maybe they believe their business cannot benefit from having a website. But all these age old misconception have been washed off if you seen the latest trends in website market. Today's many small businesses are getting their websites developed due to various reasons and are benefiting from it irrespective of the niche they belong to.
Website development now-a- days are faster and more convenient. You do not need huge amount of money to get a website developed. Also with various tools available online, the task of designing and building a website has become easier. With much small scale businesses opening up an ecommerce site are breaking the barrier of business hours restrictions and are doing business round the clock. 

We bring you 10 reasons why small business should have a website.

1. Brand Identity
Every business today is either into a product based industry or a service based industry. Each business wants to create their brand awareness and wants to reach out to maximum number of people in less amount of time. By having a website, you can let your customers easily find you over the internet and enable them to get knowledge about your product or services with much ease. Having no website means losing business.

2. Another Marketing Channel
You may use various marketing techniques to gain leads and generate business through door to door marketing, reference, newspaper ads, pamphlets etc. Having a website acts as an additional marketing channel. Also it helps you collect customer data like email, phone no, etc by using your website's contact us forms where interested people can enter their details to enquire about your service.

3. Saves You Lot of Money
Having a website is ideally a very cost effective way to promote your services. As having a newspaper ad daily can cost you more money in long run than having your website developed up and running.

4. Your Digital Catalog
Every business has a catalogue of their product or services in order to showcase their work to clients. A website acts as a digital catalogue which includes portfolio or image gallery which can be viewed by your customers from any part of the world with an internet connection.

5. Acts as Your Advocate
Your website acts as your advocate who speaks on behalf of you whether you are physically present in front of your client or not. Since a website is always up and running 24X7 and 365 days a year, you can let your customers see it by giving them your website URL.

6. Enables You to Target a Wider Audience
Irrespective to your business location, a website gives you the power to do business at any other location. If you are a retailer and build your own ecommerce website, you can sell your products to a much wider market geographically at any location around the world.

7. Helps Your Customers Stay Updated
Since your entire website data is dynamic in nature you can keep changing it anytime depending upon your business need. So if you change your phone number or your address, you always let your customers access the most updated information about yourself. You can inform your customers about the arrival of a new product or service, any upcoming event or promotions easily and effortlessly by simply updating it on the website.

8. Acts as A Social Proof
New customers always do a proof check online before buying any product. The product reviews on your website and service testimonials by your customers creates a social influence over the buying decisions of other potential buyers.

9. Your Business Shows Up In Google Search Results
If you are a small business and you have a website, you increase your chances of getting featured in the Google search result about a customer search query which is matching your business products or services. With no website, your chances are zero. If along with building a website you do the Search Engine Optimization for your website, you increase your visibility to your potential clients searching on Google.

10. Ecommerce Market Is Booming

Gone are the days of window shopping, now -a-days people prefer to buy online as it gives them more variety in less amount of time and from their comfort zone. This has given rise to the ecommerce spending creating new business opportunities for small scale business to go online.

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