Friday, 16 August 2019

Why India needs to update its currency design every 5 years

India is surrounded by unfriendly neighbours like Pakistan and China and also some friendly but be cautious friends like Bangladesh who are constantly pumping fake currency notes of Indian currency. Also there is a constant threat of corruption and black money.

Thus to make things clear India should start making changes to its currency design every 5 years.

Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Mobile application development: Android Vs IOS

Mobile phones are the integral part of the human life as it initiates free flow of communication between people easily. Apart from the communication, it also assists people with several day-to-day issues using the mobile applications that has made people reliant on them. As the easy internet access has attracted people all over the world, everyone is dependent on the mobile apps for their business growth. But, the hottest debate that engages people is the comparison of Android and iOS platform. Every loyal user of the respective platform tries to argue about the advantages that makes it superior over the other. Though both use different software toolkits, different programming languages, and diverse development platform, the comparison lingers.

Comparison of Android Vs. iOS

The comparison of Android and iOS will shed light into the positive and negatives of the respective platforms. But, it is also important to know the targeted audience to determine the right platform for the mobile application development. The table below gives the glimpse of the difference between the platforms.



The Android has a larger market as it is used widely in Asia, Africa, and South America
Countries like USA, Europe, and Australia use the iOS platform widely.  


The Android platform is open that attracts the malwares and cyber-attacks from outside.
The safety features of the iOS is strong that will prevent the personal data of the users from getting leaked.  


It is easy for the app developer to make changes in the app easily in the Android platform.
The iOS platform takes a longer time to update its application changes (around two weeks).  

Interaction with Users

The Android platform does not engage the users effectively.
The iOS platform is well-designed that will attract the users to spend more time and make it engaging.  

Development Process
The development of application on the Android platform follows simple steps.
The iOS follows stricter guidelines that the developer needs to follow precisely.  

Development Cost
The cost of developing an application of the Android platform is expensive.
The development of application cost less than the Android Platform. (30% less)  


The revenue is less for Android applications.
The iOS applications rule the market as they make more revenue compared to the competitors.  

Size of the App

The mobile app developers can develop a smaller app (average 6 MB) with Android platform.
The app developed on the iOS has a larger size (average 23MB).

Ultimately it depends on the user requirements that will make the difference while developing the mobile application. The application must satisfy the requirements of the user precisely. The primary concern of the app developer is that it must fulfill its purpose accurately that will make the customer feel satisfied.

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Ecommerce-Steps to follow for a successful online venture

Over the recent years, internet has gained significant momentum and enabled lot of businesses of various scale on both B2B and B2C ecommerce fronts to compete aggressively in this tough business environment. Some are just trying to catch the glimpse of the future, while others ponder if this model is really a retail scenario of tomorrow. Ecommerce technologies have helped several brands and manufacturers to get into the business retailing online. Commercial transaction carried out electronically is called Ecommerce. In simple terms, “buying and selling online”.
India is amongst the quickest developing ecommerce market in the world. In spite of the fact that thousand of ecommerce startups are launched each year, very few survive in the first crucial year. Why is it so? Here are some key focuses each ecommerce business person must remember when beginning the venture:
1.       Planning for Ecommerce startup.
Planning an effective business strategy is making the correct decisions that will help achieve the expressed business goals. There should be a clear vision, mission and target about what goal will be accomplished, in how much time, within what budget, identifying the correct resources and limitations of the strategies mentioned in business plan, and what components will be considered for roadmap.
The deep understanding and knowledge of digital marketing techniques and tools that helps in acquiring and reaching customers is very much required. Remember your business must reach to the customers who are online across multiple platforms..

2.       Technology selecting, Website Audit and Analysis.
Keeping in mind the end goal to give the greatest advantage to the end client, your picked ecommerce technology should be completely equipped for being adjustable and customizable, and have the capacity to supplement the plan of action. If you are a retailer and taking a first step into ecommerce pond, various functionalities on ecommerce website should be carefully planned based on industry, target audience, and customers who may buying the products and services. It is equally important to analyze and monitor the Ecommerce process regularly.

3.       Customer Acquisition.
Popular or online digital marketing encompasses multiple tools for connecting era of customers who are effectively engaged in utilising multiple devices through search engine optimization, search engine marketing (paid advertisement), social media marketing, setting up email campaigns and displaying advertisements using multiple ad networks.
The cost of customer acquisition is very high for the brands and retailers that are newly establishing their products online. 

4.       Customer Engagement
Connecting with clients through different online networking channels likewise ingrains higher trust in the minds of customers. Customers nowadays are effectively trying to engage with brands to understand their core advantages and a unique value that brand offers also discounts and special offers on various seasonal occasions, their support for queries regarding product and customer care services for returns and exchange of product, etc.

5.       Optimizing key metrics.
A portion of the key points to measure the ecommerce venture are the aggregate income created, cost of customer procurement, % of customer changed over and % of customers entering the site through different channels. However, these metrics may vary essentially in view of the business objective thus every business needs a completely modified approach for characterizing the key metrics and further analysis.

6.       Customer insights and business analysis.
The last stage in the whole procedure is about fine tuning and understanding the categories of products that have performed very well compared with different items showed in the web store.  Surveying this is essential since each of these categories and items inside those categories occupy the stand in the online world – the web store.

Ecommerce strategy, if arranged and executed well, can be a vital methods for reinforcing revenues, increasing brand awareness, giving best in class support and shopping experience to the new generation of customers. 

Monday, 4 September 2017

Search Engine Optimization: Why it should be a part of your online marketing strategy

Marketing, whether traditional or digital, is the action of selling or promoting services or products including deep market research and advertising. It is a strategy to attract your target audience by various activities that interest them, ultimately engaging them with your product and services.
But today, the world runs on digital marketing (the subset of marketing) that cover the overall electronic media. People carry out marketing of products and services using digital channels. Presently Google is a major sibling in web industry and Google loves the high ranking and high quality products. But the question arises how to promote your product digitally. Hence the role of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comes in place.
SEO is a vital part of Digital marketing and also very useful online marketing strategy. Search Engine Optimization plays an important role in today's business world. It is a process of gaining traffic to your website through organic search engine results thus improving your website ranking.
Suppose you have a website, blog or online shop, it is very much required to reach your product or services to your customers. Therefore SEO is essential here to grow your business and meet business objectives. Also, most of the search engine users click on one of the top 5 suggestions given by search results page. Hence to gain visitors on your website or customers to your online shop, you need to stand in the topmost position of SERP to make your product/services visible.

Benefits of SEO:

  1.         It is not about cost but high investment. You gain investment with more returns.
  2.     .   SEO increases sales without increasing marketing cost.
  3.      . Great SEO practices enhance the client experience and ease of use of a site.
  4.       . Individuals who discover your site socially will probably advance it more on social channels.
  5.       . Increases traffic towards your website.
  6.         Increase brand awareness and site usability.

SEO can take you ahead of the competition. If any two websites are selling the same thing, then the one which uses SEO strategy is more likely to gain more customers thus increasing more sales. Hence, it should be a part of online marketing strategy.

Friday, 18 August 2017

Why should business invest in social media marketing?

Starting a business is not enough. You need to take that business to the global level. Earlier many businesses struggled to decide what can be done to promote their business. Naturally, people used to opt for traditional marketing strategies to boost their business. They used to print advertisements in papers and magazines, make banners, display flyers on mailboxes, commercials on television, radio and billboards, etc.
As the time changed, this traditional way has converted into digital form. And gradually people started following digital marketing to promote their business. Building attractive websites, advertising brand name through social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, etc. are various strategies of digital marketing.

Today social media takes an important stand in each business sector. Every global business uses social media to generate sales and create awareness and also to increase marketing ROI. But is investing in social media useful for the businesses?
Yes, because the world is running on technological path. Customers are practical and they want you on social media. They expect business on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. According to them, if local business that updated its Facebook’s page few hours ago is the one that is still in business. The reality is, people are engaged with social media and spending more and more time on it. Businesses have to make their services and product visible on social media to attract the customers.

Social Media channels such as Twitter and Facebook allows the user to keep the record of their activities and particular interests along with connections and interconnections. Business should take a step into social media marketing especially because it allows them to create promotions targeted at the ideal audience. You can also create paid advertisements to promote your brands. You can post you daily news and updates on your pages. In addition, there are plenty of tools that allow social media marketers to post on multiple platforms simultaneously.

Social media has become a commonplace for customers to give reviews, make a complaint or make an inquiry via various social channels. However business owners need to understand which social media is suitable and works for them. Hence make your services and products visible where people actually notice them. Customers focus is shifting to internet and therefore social media has become a huge part of it. Thus, invest your business in social media marketing and pull lots of happy customers eventually. 

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Trivia Softwares now accepts Bitcoins

Trivia Softwares now accepts Bitcoins as a mode of Online payments for its services. You can now purchase your domains and web hosting services from Trivia Softwares by making payments in Bitcoins

So dont miss this opportunity 

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